Women And Robots, More Than Just A Pretty Face

Worldcrunch’s Laurence Devillers penned an insightful article that noted “women must play a core role in the development of all artificial intelligence to avoid a future designed with a male bias.”

With AI and Big Data, we try to model behaviors in order to predict them. Used in chatbots on the Internet or embedded in robots to perceive, decide and act, these models often present biases, linked to the choice of data by the engineer. If robots learn on their own from the data they collect unattended, these biases will reflect those of our society.

The roles of women is a prime example of bias. They appear less often than men in movies, in media and academic congresses, and account for far fewer of the world’s corporate executives. The shortage of women in information technology and robotics is a particularly sensitive subject: The majority of professionals working for U.S. high-tech giants are white — and male.

If those who teach computers to act like humans are men, robots will reflect men’s world view.

Under current circumstances, I’m not sure where we’ll find this “core role.” Read the full article (in English).