Inventor’s Digest talks with Judy Lee

Judy Lee

Photo credit: PBS

Inventor’s Digest (ID) has an informative interview called Five Questions with… Judy Lee. Judy describes herself as “the type of kid who built forts in the woods, played in the creek and loved to take an object apart and discover how the insides worked.” A little bit from the interview:

ID: What advice would you have for someone interested in a career in engineering?

JL: 1) Keep up with math and science! These are the building clocks for engineering.

2) Talk to as many different types of engineers as possible. Or better yet, shadow one for a day. There are many different fields of engineering to pursue. Take the time to discover which one suits you best.

3) Get your hands dirty. Get out of the theoretical and get into the tangible. It’s a great way to apply what you’ve learned into real-world practice.

Have you heard of Judy Lee? She was a co-host of Design Squad Nation, a national PBS television series that fosters the spirit and practice of youth innovation and engineering. Yes, you will find other curious girls there too!