Gray, Small and Female

Last November 2, 2010, Joseph F. Coughlin spoke at a seminar series called Transportation @MIT. His talk was titled “The Future is Gray, Small & Female: Disruptive Demographics and Transportation Tomorrow.” In the video, Coughlin “provides an overview of three demographic ‘driving forces’: aging, household size, and the predominance of women in an older society and addresses their possible impacts on the transportation behavior and demand in the United States.” The reality of the evolving U.S. demographics reveals that “a baby boomer turns 64 every seven seconds, 85-year-olds are the fastest growing age cohort, and most of the longest-lived will be women.” Of note: we’re not ready for this change, and it will hurt older women most.

The whole video is 58 minutes long, the main part of Coughlin’s talk is about 42 minutes. Worth watching.