KQED’s Outside the Box

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs has a set of videos featuring students whose interests and passions are “outside the box,” wonderfully unrestricted by cultural biases. Here are three videos that highlight the amazing determination and inspiring courage of a few young women.

Taking flight
Hannah Miller loves dancing, but her true passion is flying planes. Although she knows the aviation industry is dominated by men, Hannah is earning her pilot’s license and hopes to become a full-time pilot one day.

Just as strong
High school students Channell Rogers and Sierra Buster refuse to let gender stereotypes prevent them from pursuing a hobby they both enjoy, building, and a career goal they both aspire to, the construction business.

Atypical spark
Kalei Kipp is the only girl in Cedar Crest High School’s welding program. Even though only three percent of welders in the U.S. are women, instructor Mr. Grumbine says the few girls that have taken his class are some of his best students. Kalei is seriously considering a career in the field despite the lack of female representation and its reputation as a “man’s” job.