The Gutsy Girl

Caroline Paul, Fire FighterSan Francisco author Caroline Paul‘s new book, Gutsy Girl: Escapes for Your Life of Epic Adventure, is pretty awesome for several reasons. First, because Caroline leads by example. She has done amazing things that include climbing mountains, flying planes, rafting dangerous rivers, and being one of the first women to join the San Francisco Fire Department. The book also includes many tiny, inspiring stories about girls and women who have accomplished amazing feats of “derring-do” (defined as “brave acts; behavior that requires courage; daring action”) throughout history. Through Caroline’s stories and the maps and guides, the book encourages girls to conquer their fears and lead lives that are gutsy and fun (and journaled). To give you a better sense of Caroline, KALW Radio offers this great interview with Caroline.

Gutsy Girl is bubbling with illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton, who works with the New York Times. Wendy’s adventures may not be as heart-pounding as Caroline’s, but they’re adventures that take her outside and into new places. Here’s a “brief but spectacular” interview with Wendy at PBS Newshour.