Congratulations Julie Payette

Former astronaut Julie Payette has been appointed to be Canada’s next governor general, the U.K. Queen’s new representative. Payette speaks six languages, and is an accomplished athlete, pianist and choral singer. She’s also a computer engineer with a commercial pilot license.

Payette was one of 5,330 applicants in 1992, chosen to be one of four new astronauts with the Canadian Space Agency. She participated in two space flights to the International Space Station and served as the CSA’s chief astronaut between 2000 and 2007.

As the United Kingdom’s Queen’s representative in Canada, the governor general also serves as commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces and represents Canada at events, ceremonies and official visits at home and abroad.

We first learned about this from CBCNews, Former astronaut Julie Payette to be Canada’s next governor general. You can also read more abut her at Via Rail, where we found this great picture.