Gigi Hadid, A Regular Person and Supermodel

W Magazine covered supermodel Gigi Hadid’s acceptance speech at Glamour’s Women of the Year ceremony. Gigi shared that she doesn’t always feel like “Gigi Hadid, global supermodel.” Sometimes she’s just a regular young woman.

“I think my biggest responsibility, standing here, is to all the young women who are watching,” she said — after reading an exhaustive list of thank yous to other fashion icons as well as her family. “I want to let you know that just because I’m standing here, winning this award, doesn’t mean that I have it all figured out. I’m so grateful for every opportunity, but that doesn’t mean that I wake up feeling like the Gigi that the world expects me to be on a daily basis.”

The 22-year-old continued, “If you don’t feel strong every day, that’s okay, and it’s normal. Every day, something new can inspire you, and a small thought or idea or action can change the course of your day, your week, your month, your year. You’re never alone, and you’re never stuck, no matter how down you feel.”