Women of the 1980s Indie Music Scene

Not being part of mainstream “history” doesn’t mean women weren’t there or didn’t have a voice. The Guardian’s pictorial, The forgotten women of the 1980s indie boom – in pictures, offers a few intriguing photos from a new book, Untypical Girls, that “documents the women who refused to be cowed in the male-dominated indie scene that flourished in the 1980s…” From the Publishers:

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, women in music have often had to shout to be heard. Untypical Girls traces the sounds, attitudes and thift-store look of women who refused to be silenced. From the punk and post punk scenes through the permutations of indie, shoegaze, grunge and eventually riot grrrl, Untypical Girls is a celebration of all things female in independent music.

Photo credits: The Guardian, Peter McArthur and unknown