The Female Farmer Project

Did you know that women grow over half of the world’s food?

Micheale Blakely - Female Farmer Project

Photo credit: Female Farmer Project

We are delighted that another group of stories about women is being told, and it’s also called Women’s Work! This project is unrelated to us except in our common wish that women’s work be visible and appreciated. Audra Mulkern, founder of The Female Farmer Project, and team are making a documentary called Women’s Work: The Untold Story of America’s Female Farmers.

Audra Mulkern wants to change the way you look at farming and the food on your plate. As a photographer and writer she has sought to shine a spotlight on the hard-working people who are growing a food system that is sustainable and equitable for all.

Follow some of their stories for a fascinating look at what goes on before your food gets to the grocery store.