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Two Short Films on Vimeo

screenshot from film Domestic Policy

Domestic Policy is an entertaining short satire about a tea lady who eavesdrops on a top-secret government meeting (1919) called to solve the latest, gravest problem facing the British Empire. G-AAAH, a very cleverly animated typewriter-based film, tells of Amy Johnson…

Debbie, Chief Innovation Officer

Debbie, Chief Innovation Officer for San Leandro, CA

Debbie is the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of San Leandro, CA. Her job is to attract new and innovative businesses as part of the City’s Economic Development plans. The role of Chief Innovation Officer is a new kind…

Lab Girl

photo of Hope Jahren at a whiteboard

Hope Jahren wrote the delightful book, Lab Girl, a heart-felt tour of her life in science. The book follows her adventures in her lab and around the world, including some of the struggles associated with being a world-class scientist and…

How Do Artists Get Paid?

artists are strong and loving.

Our amazing advisor and professional artist Gwenn Seemel made this great video about how a professional artist gets paid for her work. It’s really eye-opening, starting from the idea that while art is often a thing, it’s not a “thing”…

Being a Woman in Tech

Soledad Penadés, developer at Mozilla

Soledad Penadés, developer and evangelist at Mozilla, shared her thoughts in an insightful article, Why I won’t talk about being a woman in tech (and neither should you). She starts out: I won’t do talks on “being a female in…

Street Artists

videos from Alexandra Henry's Street Heroines collection

This Kickstarter campaign was successful. Can’t wait to see the full film. Street Heroines (film trailer) Wall #3 Magrela Paints New York GILF! Brooklyn

The Founding Mothers of Silicon Valley

Women of Silicon Valley (from BackChannel)

Jessi Hempel wrote an inspiring piece, A Women’s History of Silicon Valley, that highlights six women who: contributed to the creation of “networking protocols that form the basic architecture of the Internet” (Judy Estrin), invented the router (Sandy Lerner), created…

Four Women Who Pioneered Electronic Music

Eliane Radigue - early synthesizer musician (knobs! dials!)

Back in the days of early computer-like electronics, women were experimenting with synthesizers and modular machines, pioneering electronic music. Open Culture has a great piece on four of these historic figures: Daphne Oram, Laurie Spiegel, Éliane Radigue & Pauline Oliveros.…

What We’re Really Saying


We speak with our words and our bodies. Sometimes our messages support each other, but sometimes our body language sends a message that’s different from our words.

Gwenn Seemel, Portrait Artist

Gwenn Seemel in front of Kurt Reeves mural, photo credit Molly Ross

Gwenn paints moving, colorful portraits of (and for) people. She also painted a beautiful collection of animals in a series called Crime Against Nature. About her work, here’s a bit from her biography: I am drawn to portraits, both individual…

Women of Color in Tech Chat Photos

Women of Color in Tech Chat - 83

Women of color are rare in technology circles, and consequently almost invisible in our pictures of what tech workers look like. Two sisters, Stephanie and Christina Morillo, decided to change this and developed Women of Color in Tech Chat, a…