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Girls Don’t?

Girls learning in the lab.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t add a few comments about the Google MAN-ifesto, so we draw your attention to two outstanding responses: In ‘Dear Mr. Google Manifesto’: Epic Response From Chemical Engineer, Corp VP, Mom Of 5, Melissa Aquino…

Deeply Rooted Barriers

Women on Escher stairs

Susan Chira of The New York Times posted an insightful article, Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were. Chira interviewed many women who were on the path to the top, but for many reasons did not reach…

A Woman’s Name on the Declaration of Independence

Mary Katherine Goddard, printed on the bottom of the Declaration of Independence

Petula Dvorak at The Washington Post pointed out that Mary Katherine Goddard’s name is on the bottom of the Declaration of Independence. That’s right, a woman’s name on one of our nation’s formative documents. Goddard was fearless her entire career…

What We Look Like

You are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.

Others often feel compelled to tell us how females (and sometimes males) are supposed to act or what females should look like. This is someone else’s judgment about us, and it’s heartbreaking when we believe them and doubt our inner…

Women Samurai Warriors

Female Samurai collage

The Vintage News has a story about Onna-bugeisha- Rare photos show the Japanese female warriors. From the story: Onna-bugeisha  was a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. Many women engaged in battle, commonly alongside samurai men. They were members…

Two Short Films on Vimeo

screenshot from film Domestic Policy

Domestic Policy is an entertaining short satire about a tea lady who eavesdrops on a top-secret government meeting (1919) called to solve the latest, gravest problem facing the British Empire. G-AAAH, a very cleverly animated typewriter-based film, tells of Amy Johnson…

The Gutsy Girl

Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton

San Francisco author Caroline Paul‘s new book, Gutsy Girl: Escapes for Your Life of Epic Adventure, is pretty awesome for several reasons. First, because Caroline leads by example. She has done amazing things that include climbing mountains, flying planes, rafting…

Being a Woman in Tech

Soledad Penadés, developer at Mozilla

Soledad Penadés, developer and evangelist at Mozilla, shared her thoughts in an insightful article, Why I won’t talk about being a woman in tech (and neither should you). She starts out: I won’t do talks on “being a female in…

What We’re Really Saying


We speak with our words and our bodies. Sometimes our messages support each other, but sometimes our body language sends a message that’s different from our words.

Superhero Girls

women bonding (teamwork)

Mashable’s Katie Dupere shared an inspired piece about a few amazing girls: Girls are powerful, fierce and determined change-makers — but they aren’t always valued for those bold qualities. Across the globe, society often discourages girls from claiming education, opportunity…