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What We’re Really Saying


We speak with our words and our bodies. Sometimes our messages support each other, but sometimes our body language sends a message that’s different from our words.

Women in 3D Printing

women in 3D printing

Check out the amazing interviews with women in 3D printing. They’re with companies and services located all over the world. The site also offers a few tutorials, for anyone who wants to explore 3D printing in more depth.  

KQED’s Outside the Box

Channel and Sierra learning construction

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs has a set of videos featuring students whose interests and passions are “outside the box,” wonderfully unrestricted by cultural biases. Here are three videos that highlight the amazing determination and inspiring…

Black Women are Already Superheroes

superhero (Boing Boing)

Boing Boing, a rather adult-oriented blog, offered an enlightened article entitled Black women are already superheroes that explored the striking lack of diversity in gaming, and efforts by women to change the default. … Hashtag activism this is not. As…

Gwenn Seemel, Portrait Artist

Gwenn Seemel in front of Kurt Reeves mural, photo credit Molly Ross

Gwenn paints moving, colorful portraits of (and for) people. She also painted a beautiful collection of animals in a series called Crime Against Nature. About her work, here’s a bit from her biography: I am drawn to portraits, both individual…

Women of Color in Tech Chat Photos

Women of Color in Tech Chat - 83

Women of color are rare in technology circles, and consequently almost invisible in our pictures of what tech workers look like. Two sisters, Stephanie and Christina Morillo, decided to change this and developed Women of Color in Tech Chat, a…

Jennifer Doudna, Biologist and Ethicist

Jennifer Doudna with a model of CRISPR (model of molecules, RNA, DNA)

Jennifer Doudna’s TED talk is an amazing call for the world to talk about the implications of her new technology, and how it should be used. What does it mean that we can edit our genome—for better and for worse?…