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Nina Paley

This post contains MATURE CONTENT. God-Mother is artist Nina Paley‘s latest video. Paley calls herself “a cynical cartoonist.” She’s the creator of the widely watched and shared Copying Is Not Theft and Sita Sings the Blues. Both Paley and Gwenn…

Girls Don’t?

Girls learning in the lab.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t add a few comments about the Google MAN-ifesto, so we draw your attention to two outstanding responses: In ‘Dear Mr. Google Manifesto’: Epic Response From Chemical Engineer, Corp VP, Mom Of 5, Melissa Aquino…

Cheryl De Ciantis’ Women of Note

four portraits from the Women of Note collection

Gwenn pointed me to this collection of women of note by artist Cheryl De Ciantis. Cheryl describes this group as: Women of Note is a growing collection of small portraits of women who fascinate me. Among them are artists, scientists,…

Congratulations Julie Payette

Photo of Julie Payette

Former astronaut Julie Payette has been appointed to be Canada’s next governor general, the U.K. Queen’s new representative. Payette speaks six languages, and is an accomplished athlete, pianist and choral singer. She’s also a computer engineer with a commercial pilot…

A Woman’s Name on the Declaration of Independence

Mary Katherine Goddard, printed on the bottom of the Declaration of Independence

Petula Dvorak at The Washington Post pointed out that Mary Katherine Goddard’s name is on the bottom of the Declaration of Independence. That’s right, a woman’s name on one of our nation’s formative documents. Goddard was fearless her entire career…

Vij, Clinical Studies Manager

Vij, Clinical Studies Manager

Vij works at a pharmaceutical company as their Clinical Studies Manager. She helps make sure their drugs are safe. Bonus link: #GirlsWithKnives Spotlight: Chef, Blogger, + Scientist Vijitha Shyam

Women Samurai Warriors

Female Samurai collage

The Vintage News has a story about Onna-bugeisha- Rare photos show the Japanese female warriors. From the story: Onna-bugeisha  was a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. Many women engaged in battle, commonly alongside samurai men. They were members…

Debbie, Chief Innovation Officer

Debbie, Chief Innovation Officer for San Leandro, CA

Debbie is the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of San Leandro, CA. Her job is to attract new and innovative businesses as part of the City’s Economic Development plans. The role of Chief Innovation Officer is a new kind…

Debbie, Public Works Director

smiling Debbie P., a Public Works Director

Debbie tells us about how she got her job, and what Public Works is all about. Debbie’s department is in San Leandro. Her department is the second largest in the City. She likes her job!

The Gutsy Girl

Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton

San Francisco author Caroline Paul‘s new book, Gutsy Girl: Escapes for Your Life of Epic Adventure, is pretty awesome for several reasons. First, because Caroline leads by example. She has done amazing things that include climbing mountains, flying planes, rafting…