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Emmy Noether and Abstract Algebra

Emmy Noether, theoretical mathematician

Cosmos explores the life of Emmy Noether (1882-1935), who practice theoretical mathematics during a time when “the scientific establishment worked hard to keep women out.” Although she worked as an unpaid assistant until 1922, she theorized with the best of…

1200 Years of Women Composers

Spotify's 1200 years of women composers

I hesitate to post this because it’s tied to proprietary software. For those who have accounts at Spotify, or wish to access this list through your Facebook account, blogger ulyssestone has an amazing Spotify playlist called 1200 Years of Women…


The Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument, Inc. is organizing the work to establish a monument to honor TN Suffragists. Tennessee was the thirty-sixth state to vote in favor of ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, allowing women the right to vote.

Overcoming Abuse by Doing Something Outstanding

The Washington Post ran an article, Grandma Gatewood survived domestic violence to walk the Appalachian Trail alone at 67, about Emma Gatewood.

Grandma Gatewood, as she became known, was the first woman to hike the entire 2,050 miles of the Appalachian Trail by herself in 1955. She was 67 years old at the time, a mother of 11 and grandmother of 23. She’d survived more than 30 years of marriage to a brutal husband who beat her repeatedly.

Here’s a short trailer, Grandma Gatewood, An Appalachian Tale from Peter Huston on Vimeo.

Nadine Gordimer, Storyteller and Historian

Nadine Gordimer, courtesy of Times Live

Nadine Gordimer was born in and lived in South Africa, where she drew inspiration for her novels and short stories from what she called “the tragedy of [her] own particular place.” Gordimer, an anti-Apartheid activist, studied and wrote about master-servant…

Clare Torry, Vocalist

An old video on how Clare Torry became the vocalist on one of Pink Floyd’s famous songs, “The Great Gig in the Sky” on their album “Dark Side of the Moon.” Sometimes we stumble into fame.

Inventor’s Digest talks with Judy Lee

Inventor’s Digest (ID) has an informative interview called Five Questions with… Judy Lee. Judy describes herself as “the type of kid who built forts in the woods, played in the creek and loved to take an object apart and discover…

Sally Ride and Science

CNN ran a nice interview with Dr. Sally Ride called Ride urges emphasis on math, science studies. In 1983, Dr. Ride became the first American woman to travel in space as a crew member of the Space Shuttle Challenger. From…