Jocelyn: A Real-Life Martian

Popular Science has an interview with Chief Scientist Jocelyn Dunn about living in an extreme environment simulation that prepares astronauts for a future trip to Mars. From PopSci: Jocelyn Dunn spent eight months living on the red, rocky surface of…

Emmy Noether and Abstract Algebra

Emmy Noether, theoretical mathematician

Cosmos explores the life of Emmy Noether (1882-1935), who practice theoretical mathematics during a time when “the scientific establishment worked hard to keep women out.” Although she worked as an unpaid assistant until 1922, she theorized with the best of…

Jennifer Doudna, Biologist and Ethicist

Jennifer Doudna with a model of CRISPR (model of molecules, RNA, DNA)

Jennifer Doudna’s TED talk is an amazing call for the world to talk about the implications of her new technology, and how it should be used. What does it mean that we can edit our genome—for better and for worse?…

1200 Years of Women Composers

Spotify's 1200 years of women composers

I hesitate to post this because it’s tied to proprietary software. For those who have accounts at Spotify, or wish to access this list through your Facebook account, blogger ulyssestone has an amazing Spotify playlist called 1200 Years of Women…


The Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument, Inc. is organizing the work to establish a monument to honor TN Suffragists. Tennessee was the thirty-sixth state to vote in favor of ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, allowing women the right to vote.

Intel’s Diversity Efforts are Going Well

maker girls at Intel

Mother Jones’ story, This Silicon Valley Giant Is Actually Hiring Women and Minorities, reports: In January, Intel raised the bar in Silicon Valley by setting concrete targets for hiring women and minorities. While other major tech firms had cut big…

Overcoming Abuse by Doing Something Outstanding

The Washington Post ran an article, Grandma Gatewood survived domestic violence to walk the Appalachian Trail alone at 67, about Emma Gatewood.

Grandma Gatewood, as she became known, was the first woman to hike the entire 2,050 miles of the Appalachian Trail by herself in 1955. She was 67 years old at the time, a mother of 11 and grandmother of 23. She’d survived more than 30 years of marriage to a brutal husband who beat her repeatedly.

Here’s a short trailer, Grandma Gatewood, An Appalachian Tale from Peter Huston on Vimeo.

Women Film Pioneers Project

Women Film Pioneers Project

Columbia University School of the Arts hosts the Women Film Pioneers Project, which features silent-era (1900-1930) producers, directors, co-directors, scenario writers, scenario editors, camera operators, title writers, editors, costume designers, exhibitors, and more to make the point that they were…